Magnify is a set of engaging online curriculum that prepares learners to effectively navigate the surrounding world. By teaching skills that are often overlooked in traditional education or training, Magnify boosts learners' success now and in the future.

Increase your career skills & professionalism

Enhance your satisfaction & success in your career

Work more effectively in a team environment

Why learn through Magnify?

Prepare for Success

Whether you’re just starting your career or have been working for decades, there are certain skills that help ensure you present yourself in a capable, reliable, professional manner. Magnify provides you with comprehensive, accessible, and engaging online learning that teaches beneficial life skills. 


Building Empathy

Increasing your levels of empathy has been shown to lead to higher levels of success at work or school through better health; elevated innovation & creativity; more engagement; and increased satisfaction.

When employees boost their levels of empathy, companies see higher success & retention rates, as well as reduced cost.

Building Empathy investigates how we can all further develop our own empathy. Engaging animation and stories draw us into whimsical worlds outside our own and remove us from inherent “human” reactions, allowing us to apply concepts more broadly. Throughout this course, we explore the different facets of: 

* The intrinsic ways our brains can trick us

* How humans are naturally affected by
a variety of biases

* What culture is & how it impacts
our interactions 

* The importance of recognizing & developing our own emotional intelligence

* Why listening is key to true empathy