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Magnify provides comprehensive, accessible education through engaging online programs to help you master beneficial life skills and thrive in any environment.

Increase your success

No matter where you are in your educational or professional career, there are certain skills that enhance opportunities for success – skills such as having empathy for teammates; a strong understanding of and appreciation for diverse skills; confidence in personal interactions, networking, and interviewing; and managing time effectively. 
Yet, these skills are not typically taught in traditional academia or job training. And unfortunately, between all of the required education and trainings that get us to the next step in our careers – 
and the lack of effective training programs in these important areas – we are often left to develop these valuable abilities on our own, with varying levels of success.

This is where Magnify comes in. Our focus is on the skills that aren’t typically taught in traditional learning and working environments but help us all gain the confidence, insights, and assurance to set us apart from the crowd. 

Expert info, engaging formats

Each of our Magnify programs are developed in conjunction with experts in their fields and are presented in interesting and fun ways to drive engagement. You will not only walk away from our courses with vast new knowledge of beneficial life skills, but with a new perspective on what it means to be a student, an employee, and an active member of society.

Our first program, Building Empathy, is currently available.

Building Empathy is a valuable educational program that covers important content such as, diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias, positive methods for managing emotions and behavior, active listening, among others. I believe that the Building Empathy program is a much needed educational resource that can help improve the overall success of both students and professionals in every aspect of life."

Building Empathy

Increasing your level of empathy has been shown to lead to higher levels of success at work or school through better health; elevated innovation and creativity; higher engagement; and increased satisfaction.

Helping students expand their empathy gives them an edge in school and as they enter the workforce. When employees boost their levels of empathy, companies see higher success and retention rates, as well as reduced cost.

Building Empathy is a self-guided, on-demand video course investigating the scientific bases of empathy and how we can each develop our own empathy further. Throughout this course, learners will explore the different facets of:

No matter how long you've been in leadership, you're still going to have blind spots and pockets of denial. Building Empathy helped me identify, understand, and most importantly, do something about personal biases that may limit my effectiveness. I recommend it to anyone, even those who've been in leadership for a long time."

Module One
Mocking Your Sight

This module analyzes how our brains work to process incoming info. You will open your eyes to how optical illusions can trick our brains into believing inaccurate information, and how easily we are affected by the people around us.

Module two
World of Bias

The idea of bias can be a difficult topic to digest. In this module, we will break down various forms of bias and how these biases play a big part in how we navigate our lives and our relationships.

Module three
Where Are You in Culture?

This module provides you with an in-depth analysis of how we are unique as individuals, and unique from country to country, and culture to culture. We’ll ask you to dig deep into the importance of your culture.

Module Four
Ins + Outs of Diversity

During the Ins + Outs module, you will understand why our differences are necessary to our success, how diversity enhances our lives, and the importance of practicing inclusivity.

Module Five
The Impact of Our Emotions

Emotional Intelligence teaches you how to identify and regulate your emotions and understand the emotions the others to help build relationships and success.

Module Six
Listening for Understanding

Active listening can enhance our own empathic accuracy. You will see how your senses can “get in the way” of your attempts to actively listen to others.

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