Increase your health, success, and happiness
with Building Empathy

Learn how to become more successful and improve your health, enhance your interactions with others, and in general be more satisfied at work or school.

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Empathy is not only a trait –
it is a skill that can be developed through intention.

Increasing your level of empathy has been shown to lead to higher levels of success at work or school through better health; elevated innovation and creativity; more engagement; and increased satisfaction.

When employees boost their levels of empathy, companies see higher success and retention rates, as well as reduced cost.


Building Empathy is a self-guided, on-demand video course investigating the scientific bases of empathy and how we can
each develop our own empathy further. Throughout this course,
we will explore:

  • The intrinsic ways our brains & eyes can trick us
  • How DNA naturally causes a variety of biases
  •   What culture is & how it impacts our interactions
  •   Why diversity is useless without inclusion
  •   The importance of recognizing & developing our own emotional
  •   Why listening is key to true empathy